The Unique Computers

Dear Students/Parents/Guardians,

          IT Zone Computyer offers one of the most prestigious (Computer Applications) Program in the Country. Govt.of Uttar Pradesh Lucknow (SR Act 1860) and ISO 9001:2008 Approved by. The Institute is committed to provide quality education, and to do so a perfect blend of senior, experienced educationist and young breed of energetic teachers comprise the faculty. We encourage the staff to adopt innovative and interactive methods of teaching in order to make the institute an example of posterity.

         The pursuit of knowledge and understanding has constantly propelled our journey towards self- betterment and the betterment of the humanity. While embarking on this pursuit, one should constantly strive to develop knowledge and understanding IT Zone Computyer is to nurture the culture of seamlessness which is central to this pursuit. IT Zone Computyer provides umpteen opportunities to acquire, test and share knowledge and to develop abilities to think rationally and critically in a multicultural ambiance. All our learning modules strongly rely on research based, technology driven and industry linked education. IT Zone Computyer have been designed to ensure an outstanding educational value with a wide selection of courses and flexible scheduling. Our teachers are fully aware of the tortuous path of acquiring knowledge and are ever willing to help and guide the students in their journey towards excellence. We constantly endeavor to ensure that the students, during their stay discover the excitement of learning, the importance of individual integrity and commitment to work ethics and the joy of sharing and help.

                                                                                               Thank you                                                                    

                                                                                                                  Managing Director-Mr. Shailendra Kumar